28 Oct, 21

AMAZING!!! That is how we describe the work of the volunteers at Oakdale Equine Rescue. The people who run it give so much of their time and effort for the benefit of horses in need. We have recently been fortunate enough to become volunteers, when our schedules allow. We have personally seen horses of all shapes and sizes brought to the rescue in need of help. These volunteers nurse them back to health with vet care, nutrition and trust. They personally have taken me from a person who is terrified of horses, to someone who can care for and trust the horses. The most amazing part for us is after we see a horse come into the rescue that has been abused, malnourished and neglected. Within a few weeks of care, the horses’ personality returns and they begin to trust their new caregivers. I never knew the level of intelligence of a horse to be able to differentiate their situation. These animals overcome their previous nightmares and understand they are now safe and cared for at Oakdale Equine Rescue. They are given a second chance to live a happy and healthy life. The volunteers then find a new permanent home for these rescued animals, ensuring they will be safe and happy for the rest of their lives. My husband and I will continue to volunteer our time and support this rescue.