While in our care, all equines are accessed for temperament, past training, if any, and trainability. They are rehabilitated for any medical issues and have been brought back to a healthy working weight and soundness before any training begins.

     Our trainer works patiently and methodically while teaching tying, trailering, picking up feet, and behavior issues that come up. They are then brought through the process of saddling,  wearing a bridle and bit,  working both on and off of a lunge line in the round pen, and finally, standing to be mounted and carrying a rider.

     The final phase is listing all of these horse’s attributes in search of a matching adoptor who shares the same talents as the horse they are seeking to adopt;  whether it is for western/ ranch, English/jumper, trail, child’s first horse, or pasture pet, we are committed to the safety and well-being of both owner and horse.

Horses in Training

/// closer to their forever home


This is Shadow an 11-year-old black mustang mare. She is currently in training with Ashley Mello.